This page has undergone a change to reduce the workload on the server the data originates from After talking to Steve about the layout of this page, I reduced the page to links to the main server instead of having the graphs created and sent to my page. Also after reviewing the page at my house, I realized that if you are on a dial up connection to the net, updates will be slow and could occur faster than the page can load. The result would be a page that may not ever fully load. I will have the Map Blast maps for each station appear and provide the link that routes you to that station. This is, IMHO, a better way to achieve this since you may not wat to see every stations data. de KC5GOI

This is a list of weather stations that have weather stations attached to their APRS stations. The data archive is provided via is a free service provided by Steve Dimse, K4HG. is connected to the same feed(s) that make up the Internet portion of the APRS network. If you wish to be added to this web page you may email me at Please do not email me about broken links. The links to may get changed without notice. I personally check the web pages hosted at my domain regularly. This one page will be one of the ones I check the most. This is not a reflection of Steve's abilities. He has informed us that is in a dynamic state. He has created a really cool feature and I support him in this endevor.

If you do request that your station be added, please tell me the basic setup, wx station model number, APRS software how often you have it send in the data. I will be happy to add it to the list.