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Updated info on the W5NGU-3 WX Station

The W5NGU-3 digipeater now has the TAPR T-238 WX station attached to its user port and is in regular service. An article will appear both in the DCARA newsletter for May 2001 and at http://www.kc5goi.net/aprs/w5ngu3_wx.html. For further information contact Guy Story, KC5GOI or Gerald Marchant, WB5NZV.

Radar at the W5NGU-3 weather station.

The ISS (International Space Station) radio package is back online. For more information visit the FAQ .

Where is the ISS? Take a look at http://spaceflight.nasa.gov/realdata/tracking/index.html

Extended October APRS article http://www.kc5goi.net/aprs/october_article.htm

New APRS server for North Texas is online See the News page for info.

May 1, 2000, the White House announced that Selective Availability is to be turned off for good. This translates to a major reduction in positioning errors that are currently seen. Before May 1, 2000 you could have errors up to 100 Meters. Now you should only see errors in tens of meters.

KA9VNV APRS Server Entries Recently, multiple APRS servers have gone online, including the KC5GOI server. KA9VNV, Jeff Brenton, created an APRS server file that handles the links to the most recent ones. If you want to add his list to your existing file, go to this link. Copy and paste the entries that you want into your file. You will need to restart your APRS program so the added servers get loaded into the program. If you want to have a more direct link, contact KC5GOI, Guy Story

Stats on the KC5GOI aprsD server Dale released this feature in 2.1.2

DCARA data page





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AWGPE Allows you to use your sound card in Windows as a tnc.plus other options.

AWGPE help A help site on how to install, setup and trouble shoot AWGPE.


plugin source for UI-View.

PocketAPRS This is for use on Palm Pilots.

Digi_ned is a pc based digipeater software package. This will allow you to use older tnc's if you can allocate a pc instead of obtaining a KPC3 version 8.2 or a KPC3+.

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